LiMe: A Line Measuring library


This library provides a set of tools to fit lines in astronomical spectra. Its design aims for a user-friendly workflow for both single lines and large data sets. The library provides tools for masking, detecting, profile fitting and storing the results. The output measurements support both the posterior analysis of the object’s chemical composition and plasma kinematics.

These are some of the features currently available:

  • Non-profile and Gaussian profile emission and absorption line measurements.

  • The user can include the pixel error spectrum in the calculation.

  • The Multi-Gaussian profile parameters can be constrained by the user during the fitting.

  • Tools to confirm the presence of lines.

  • Static and interactive plots for the visual appraisal of inputs and outputs

  • Line labels adhere to the PyNeb format.

  • The measurements can be saved in several file types, including multi-page .fits, .asdf and .xlsx files

Where to find what you need

💻 To install or update the library go to the installation page. Download the sample data folder and try to run the examples.

🚀 For a quick start go to the Tutorials section. These are organized by increasing complexity and they provide a working knowledge of the library algorithms.

🌀 To learn more about the library design check the inputs and profile fitting documentation. The library functions description can be found at the API.

📈 The outputs physical description is available in the measurements documentation.